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School Video Production

With the low cost of equipment and low-cost (or free) software and hosting options, many schools are now getting into video production. Get started with these resources.

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Video Production Showcase

Here's an example created by Foothill High School in Pleasanton, Calif where they used a Vimeo channel to showcase their student's work. Your school can do something similar at low or no cost, creating your own web site or using a YouTube or Vimeo channel.

Video production on the cheap

In this entertaining video, Phillip Kerman illustrates the cheap and easy way to produce video content. A good starting point for any school video project.

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Video Production at Palm Middle School

The Video Production elective, at Palm Middle School in Los Angeles, introduces 7th and 8th grade Palms students to the fundamentals of film and video production. They practice shooting videos, doing sound recordings and sound engineering, and editing using iMovie – individually, with partners, and in collaborative groups.

Check out their YouTube links.

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FreePD - Public Domain Music

Image and video copyright violations are usually addressed by receipt of a cease and desist letter and removing the offending item. Music companies can be a lot more strict.

FreePD provides music tracks licensed under Creative Commons 0 ("No Rights Reserved") that can be freely used in school projects and videos.

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Ubuntu Studio

Ubuntu Studio is a version of Ubuntu Linux combined with a suite of the best open-source applications available for multimedia creation -- audio, video and graphics -- in a ready-to-go package. The entire package is completely free to use, modify and redistribute.

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Media Creation

Check out the rest of this section for more ideas and tools.

Then just go do it!  → 

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