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Ad Blocking and Other Safety Add-Ons

The good news is that the Internet has brought the world to our classroom and laptops. The bad news is that a lot of the ads that are included are annoying or unsafe.

Here are some ideas that can help keep your computers safer and provide for a better viewing experience.

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Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus blocks most/all of the ads when you view web pages and YouTube videos.

This is especially good in a class setting where there are already plenty of distractions. Blocking ads has the additional benefit of blocking a major path for viruses, malware and other web nasties.

Adblock will allow some non-intrusive ads in order to support websites. It's free to use, can be added to most major browsers, and is open source.

Highly recommended by our webmaster!

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Flash has been another security issue for many years, which is why it is currently being phased out. While not a problem on the major sites like YouTube, Flash based advertising can be a major vector for computer infections.

Which is why our webmaster recommends installing a Flash blocking add-on for your browser in addition to Adblock Plus. There are many options available for all major browsers. Flashblock is a good option for Firefox.

These browser add-ons will allow you to add exceptions for sites such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. You'll be surprised how few exceptions you'll need.

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YouTube High Definition

This is another Firefox add-on worth checking out. It allows you to fine tune how YouTube videos are displayed and played, with options to always (or never) use HD (High Definition), turn off annotations, change video player size, turn off auto-play, set video volume, control embedded videos and more.

There are equivalent add-ons available for Chrome and other browsers. Worth checking out.

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