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Creating Digital Libraries

lStart with the proceedings from the Digital Library Conferences. The title of a recent conference was "The Theory and Practice of Creating Digital Libraries."

The Internet Library for Librarians is VERY COMPREHENSIVE. It contains links for every online resource imagineable--tools, accessible online libraries, almanacs and directories, email lists for management, archives, specialialized journals, etc. The technical tips, like a few other references here, reveal a strong on-the-ground perspective.

Infopeople is the library network for the California State Universities. It explains how to establish such a network with tips on topics like legal isues, training librarians, using Web tools, obtaining grants and finding resources. A section for K-12 is also posted.

A collection of concept papers, such as the advantages and disadvantages of desktop videoconferencing in a library setting, was prepared by advanced library students at the University of Alberta. That university is responsible for sustaining many rural libraries.

Now, since so many individual and varied media types have been digitized, special software is used to manage these "assets", as they are referred to by the trade. For guidance look at Cumulus software by Canto.

The American Association of School Librarians has put together a site for principals for building a school library media program.

For teaching about digital citizenship look at I drive digital.

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I Drive Digital

Citizenship topics include access, health and wellness, digital commerce, digital law, rights and responsibilities and digital media fluency.

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I Drive Digital

Contents include access, health, and wellness; commerce; law, rights and responsibilities, andmedia fluency.

References entitled digital libraries, for the most part, address digitizing already existing materials, including policy issues like copyright laws.

Virtual libraries, like this web site, typically structure links to other sites. Some might allow a chat or conferencing capability, too.

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