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Research Resources for Teachers and Librarians

StudyWeb is hosted by The Lightspan Network for schools as a value-added feature. Interestingly, many of the sites listed will not be found in other compilations held in this Instructional Resource Center, perhaps because they are appropriate for older (but still secondary) students. All in all, both are strong hierarchically-arranged research resources.

The Internet Public Library, maintained by information specialists, is a growing collection of over 1,000 topical guides to the Internet's resources. Especially useful for school librarians who may be called upon to search for resources in hundreds of subjects to help many teachers.

And, then, along comes SciCentral -- another superb research resource with 50,000 sites in 120 science specialties. A special feature is the links which are embedded in its current events section. Women and minorities in science receive attention, too. Like most of the other sites here, it has been designed by educators so the organization makes sense to us and is a great time-saver in contrast to surfing via search engines.

Nature, the journal in which Darwin and Einstein's seminal work and the discovery of DNA were reported, is now online.

Megastories taps links behind major news items. Often the articles are controversial, such as euthanasia, so consider the values within your school community. Nonetheless, such a site illustrates the power of the Web--a distributed knowledge community. You don't have to begin research completely from scratch!

And don't forget the big web index sites like Yahoo! Sometimes, a quick search using these sites will provide all the information needed for a research project.

Syracuse has created a digital literacy, multimedia resource for students to learn to evaluate sources and understand search engines. Video clips shows educators in action as well as reflecting on teaching episodes.

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With all of the varied resources available today, you can find information on just about every topic or interest.

What a great way for students to look at different fields, not only for their class work but also for their personal growth. Having students research their individual interests or hobbies can be an interesting class exercise.

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