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University and Non-Profit Research Resources

The WWW Virtual Library, the oldest catalog of the web and run by a loose confederation of volunteers, maintains a huge virtual library collection. It is organized by topics and encompasses references around the world.

News and Newspapers Online, hosted by The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, lists hosts 100's of newspapers and news sties available on the web. With listings for almost every country on Earth, this would be a good site for student projects in foreign languages as well comparing the reporting of an event in different countries' press. Especially since school libraries cannot maintain such costly global newspapers, the online versions can provide that world view.

Martindale's 'The Reference Desk' at the University of California at Irvine loads slowly, because it so jam-packed with information. Especially in Biology and Health Science you would be hard-pressed to find a better organized and more comprehensive library for basic reference work. Both theory and practical resources are available. For instance, you will find sections on consumer electronics as well as concepts. It maintains a global perspective, too. Clearly constructed by a sophisticated and Web savvy staff, the references are underpinned by meta-data tags for SGML, though as a viewer you won't see them. It has been the recipient of many awards.

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Advanced learners can retrieve research documents from remote sites. Students especially can do what real scientists do rather than reading secondhand sources in watered-down digests. Individual students can pursue topics of choice without scrambling for a single, hard copy--if it were available at all.

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