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Good Website Design

One way of making good web pages is to look at web pages you don't like and identify why you don't like them. Then make sure you don't do the same things on your own web pages.

Keeping a list of web page layouts or designs you like can make it easier when it comes time to create your own web site. Don't hesitate to enlist the help of a artistically gifted college or student to help.

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Accessible Web Design - Univ. of Washington

The University of Washington looks at general page design as well as making you pages accessible to people who are sight and/or hearing impaired, as well as to people with slow Internet connections.

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Top Ten Mistakes in Web Design

Jakob Nielsen has a list of the ten most egregious offenses against users. Make sure your site doesn't have these problems.

Responsive Website Design - What Does It Mean?

What does Responsive Website Design mean? Is my website responsive? Why should I care?

Here is a quick explanation from a web design company.

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Does My Website Need Validation?

You wouldn't stay in a hotel that had holes in the walls, nails sticking out, or missing table legs. It's the same idea with users visiting your website. If your HTML is not correct, your web pages will look bad or may not display at all on some browsers.

Learn why and how you can ensure your web site will work across web browsers, using the free W3C Markup Validation Service.

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10 Best Practices on the Top 50 Websites

"Standard web conventions" are web design standards and best practices. They're a set of rules that web site designers follow, knowing that they align with visitors' expectations. But are these standards really standards? Where should social media icons like "like on Facebook" go? Orbit Media Studios decided to survey the top 50 web sites to identify what are the true standards.

Mobile / Tablet Friendly

Today, a large percentage of your visitors (50% +) are using mobile or tablet type devices to view your site. Make sure your site is mobile friendly.

Not sure if your site measures up?

On your PC or Mac, grab the right side of your browser window and slide it to the left. If the page rearranges itself and you can still see all the text an d images on your site, life is good. If text is hidden or scrolls off the the edge of the screen, you need to look at updating your web site layout. You can try the test with this site to see what it should look like.

When looking for a new layout, make sure it uses "Responsive Web Design" and HTML5.

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