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Hosting Your Own Web Pages

Once you've built your web pages, you need to "get them on the web". If your school has easy access to a web server (maybe at the school or district level), that can be the best answer. When you do not have an existing web server, there are still a number of ways to get your information on to the Web.

Free Web Hosting is a directory list of free web hosting providers, with over 400 of the best free web space hosting sites with reviews, testimonials, and ratings, and is updated daily. Some sites will display ads as part of your site -- look at Free Web Hosting's "Forced Ads" column. is a privately-funded, community-oriented Internet company whose goal is to create the nation's best free website service and most comprehensive Internet directory for non-commercial organizations. While sites are limited to just 11 web pages, schools can create and maintain free, easy-to-use websites, news pages and events listings.

Another option for getting your information onto the web is to run your own web server -- personally or at the school or district level. While running your own web server is not for the faint of heart, it provides easy access and total control of your web content.

Apache is free, open source web server software used by the majority of web sites world wide (including Installing Apache on Windows gives you step-by-step instructions on how to get a web server running on any Windows PC (NT, 2000, XP, or Vista). The nice thing about the Apache web server is that it doesn't require an expensive "Server" version of Microsoft Windows or the latest PC hardware.

More information on using Apache with Microsoft Windows (much of it technical) can be found at the Apache Web Server site.

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No matter what option you choose, the best advice is to "just do it!". Your first try at a web page might look more like a Dali than a da Vinci, but, with a little practice, you will be creating interesting and appealing pages in no time. (And if nothing else, make it a class project).

Remember, it's the content that counts!

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TeacherWeb is an example of web sites designed to make getting on-line quick and efficient. Designed for individual teachers, the site includes options for blogs, announcements, a wish list, class calendar, photo & video galleries, homework information, webquests, and more.

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