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Traditional Desktop Publishing Tools

Sometimes you want to publish on paper or create PDF's, something other than a web page.

The following tools are specifically designed to create free format publications, way beyond the traditional letter. This includes things like newsletters, calendars, brochures, posters, charts and tickets.

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LibreOffice Draw

The LibreOffice office suite has all the features you need from a modern, full-featured word processing and desktop publishing tools. LibreOffice Draw allows you to create documents like Microsoft Publisher, including text frames and linking. Draw can handle desktop publishing tasks like newsletters and flyers, and includes the ability to import your existing Publisher documents.

LibreOffice is an updated version of Open Office. It is a free, Open Source product and runs on Windows, Macs and Linux computers. A good replacement for Microsoft Office.

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Scribus is another free, Open Source program that runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux desktops. It has a steeper learning curve than LibreOffice Draw, but can create great results, especially with complex or multi-page, book length projects.

Recommended by our webmaster.

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Microsoft Publisher

While not free, Publisher provides a great option for creating all types of printed material.

Your school may already have it, as it's included in high-end versions of Microsoft Office.

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